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Argan oil: Morocco’s ‘desert gold’

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zidrop argan oil[/caption] Once upon a time, in the heart of Morocco’s arid land, tree-climbing goats played a vital role in the country’s lucrative Argan oil industry. The hungry animals would climb onto the thorny trees, native to Morocco, and eat their fruit and leaves. But the kernels, which are encased within the fruit’s incredibly […]

The last curtain in front of the desert


‘The last curtain in front of the desert’ Once Argan trees covered the entire region of North Africa, but due to overgrazing and deforestation their numbers rapidly declined. For a while, the value of the trees went unnoticed — until the oil industry boomed — bringing more than $6.5 million per year into Morocco’s economy. […]

Benefits Of Argan Oil

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Skin Argan oil is incredibly rich in phytosterols – a compound which has been found to not only stop the slow-down of collagen production but often stimulate new production making Argan oil one of the most powerful anti-aging oils in the world. These plant sterols also reduce inflammation, improve skin metabolism and promote moisture retention.Substances […]

Economic sustainability of Argan Oil

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Economic sustainability The high demand in Argan oil has prompted organizations to implement a series of conservation measures to ensure tree numbers don’t dwindle. Now, the Argan forest is more than 800,000 hectares in size and every year, more and more trees are being planted. “Before, nobody planted the tree but now the government is […]